Feiya Chemical Safety Month|Preventing Risks and Eliminating Hidden Dangers and Preventing Accidents

What are you praying for this June? Good luck comes to you, or you get what you want. Every wish is full of our expectations and desires for life, but all of them are based on our own safety and health.
June this year is the 18th "Safety Production Month" in China, which is closely related to every one of us in Asia. "Safety in production" is the most frequently heard word in peacetime work. It is neither a passing word nor a mere formality.
There is a kind of wealth called "Jinshan Yinshan". It is visible and everyone likes it. There is a kind of wealth called "safe production", which is invisible, but everyone needs. They all say that home is the harbor of the soul, what supports you to go home is faith, and what guarantees you to go home is safety. We should not disappoint the family's expectations and waiting.
No matter what position we are engaged in, no matter the working environment or not, there will always be a group of colleagues concerned about safety. Of course, there will also be friends who neglect their safety because of their work. And you, maybe the one who silently pays attention to their words and deeds, sometimes a kind reminder can save a person's life.

Please put aside your indifference, your mockery, and your disregard for safety. It's my responsibility to work safely. Remember the promise to my family before work, be a participant in safety production, and write some music with safety.

The Ministry of Safety of Jiangsu Feiya Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. sincerely invites you to contribute to safe production.

Activity 1:
During the Safety Month, employees will be rewarded with red envelopes by forwarding the public number of safety production Wechat through the circle of friends and receiving more than 20 praises. The more praises they receive, the more rewards they receive.
Activity 2:
During the Safety Month, employees will be rewarded with red envelopes by exposing pictures of themselves contributing to safety production and receiving more than 20 sponsorships. The more sponsorships they receive, the more rewards they will receive.
Activity time: from now on to 30 June

Note: This activity is limited to colleagues of Feiya Business Department. The bonus is based on the statistics of the company's security department. The bonus is only available to employees themselves.

Security activities are not a ceremony, but a wake-up call for everyone. Everything is alive and struggling for life. We are born at the right time and shoulder the heavy responsibility. We should unite as one, not afraid of difficulties, gather the strength of people to move forward, join hands with you and me, do a good job in security work, and move forward together.