Chemical Name:Copper dibuthyldithiocarbamate

平均分子量Molecular Weight:472.34

CAS NO:13927-71-4
用  途:主要用作丙烯酸丁酯、辛酯、甲基丙烯酯、高碳酯及其他不饱和烯烃等单体生产时的阻聚剂。
Applications: Mainly used as a polymerization inhibitor when producing butyl acrylate/monooctyl ester/methacrylate/high-carbon ester and other unsaturated alkene monomers.

贮  存:储存于阴凉、通风的库房。远离火种、热源。
Storage:Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Away from fire and heat

包  装:净重25/500/1000公斤,也可按用户的要求进行包装。
Package: net weight is 25kg or 500kg or 1000kg, also can pack as customers’requirements.



项   目Item  指标Specifications
外  观 Appearance  Dark brown flaky crystal
熔点Melting Point  ℃     ≥  73.0-76.0
含量Content,%  95.0
灰分 Ash Content ,wt% ,≤  20.0
干燥失重Loss on drying,≤  0.5

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